“She exceeded all expectations in her role as a second year visiting professor of Education at Randolph-Macon College. She excelled as an instructor, service to the department and college, and in her professional work…Professor Peacock is outstanding. She is intelligent, creative, congenial, and understands the unique aspects of teacher education within the liberal arts environment. She is an effective collaborator, but also an independent thinker. She is able to express her ideas without being confrontational. Professor Peacock is a fine instructor, faculty colleague, and friend.”
Brenda M. Davis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Randolph-Macon College
Peacock 2015 Annual Evaluation Letter-Davis

“She is a seasoned teacher with an intense passion for teaching; a teacher’s teacher who loves to mentor and develop future teachers; a savvy administrator who knows how to protect and nurture classroom instruction and effect change in the real world; a pioneer who created a special education track in special education before completing her doctorate; and, above all, a caring, compassionate, bright, talented and highly energetic individual who can move mountains and hearts.”
Bill Muth, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Adolescent & Adult Literacy
School of Education
Virginia Commonwealth University
Peacock Reference Letter-Muth

“Not only does her study, Exploring Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the Evaluation of Early Fieldwork Experiences in an Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program, show exceptional promise for a continuing line of research, the results of her work have significant implications for program improvement in the supervision of student teachers during clinical experiences in her home institution as well as among other preservice education programs. Her demonstrated ability to conduct program assessment as evidenced through her dissertation will be an asset for your institution.”
Joan A. Rhodes, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Associate Professor
Department of Teaching & Learning
School of Education
Virginia Commonwealth University
Peacock Reference Letter-Rhodes

“Amber is a very passionate and dedicated scholar with strong research and writing skills…As an educational scholar, she has conducted comprehensive literature reviews that are critical to the field of teacher education and meaningful to instructional practices in the classroom…Her research will contribute to the field of special education and general education teacher preparation with insightful information for teacher educators, teachers, and educational leaders.”
Yaoying, Xu, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Special Education & Disability Policy
Virginia Commonwealth University
Peacock Reference Letter-Xu

“She reflects the mission statement of Randolph-Macon College and taught me to do the same. As a teacher, I communicate effectively with my colleagues, students, and parents. Not only did I learn to think analytically, but I was taught how to teach my students to think analytically.  Dr. Peacock also taught me to appreciate the creative process by differentiating to meet my needs. Her caring disposition is one that should make the Randolph-Macon community proud.”
Bethany Phares
English Teacher
Northeastern High School
Randolph-Macon College Class of 2014
Peacock Reference Letter-Phares

“I have worked directly with Amber as our coordinator for field studies at R-MC and have been impressed with her diplomacy, flexibility and organizational skills as she endeavors to place our students in classrooms in Hanover County Public Schools. These skills will lend themselves to becoming a highly effective instructional leader! Amber embraces the notion that learning never stops and has contributed much to our department’s discussions about 21st century learners; never hesitating to take on additional responsibilities for the benefit of the TEAM. She understands the importance of collaboration and is open-minded and creative. Additionally, Amber possesses effective communication skills particularly in the area of active listening. In my opinion, these are invaluable traits for an instructional leader.”
Leslie T. Roberson, M.Ed., A.B.D.
Retired Visiting Instructor of Education and Director of Teacher Preparation
Randolph-Macon College
Peacock Reference Letter-Roberson

“For a number of years the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech has employed graduate student teaching assistants to work in the capacity of advisors for the 750 or so undergraduate majors in our department. These advisors, on the whole, have been conscientious and competent in their work with undergraduate students, but Amber was truly exceptional in this role. First, Amber took the initiative to be extremely well informed about the constantly changing departmental, college, and university policies and procedures…Second, Amber combined efficiency in advising with a sincere attitude of helpfulness and caring. If necessary, she would spend long periods of time with individual students to discuss options, work out special problems…Finally, Amber was equally excellent in training new advisors, in working with other departments and colleges, and in making suggestions for improvements in departmental procedures.”
Nancy J. Bell, Ph.D.
Human Development & Family Studies
College of Human Sciences
Texas Tech University
Peacock Reference Letter-Bell

“She is a delightful person, intelligent, hardworking, a complete self-starter. I have supervised over 20 students who have completed theses and dissertations and Amber was one of the easiest people I have ever worked with. She was quick to grasp ideas, she wrote well, and handled feedback in an appreciative and constructive manner.”
Judith L. Fischer, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Human Development & Family Studies
College of Human Sciences
Texas Tech University
Peacock Reference Letter-Fischer

Narrative comments from K-12 teaching evaluations included the following:
“Excellent classroom management skills…very warm and welcoming environment…Amber is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with…good delivery of instructions…excellent planning…motivational instruction with hands-on activities and examples”
Peacock K-12 Teaching Evaluations-Greene County

Amber Headshot 2016
Contact: Amber Peacock
Randolph-Macon College
Education Department
P. O. Box 5005
Ashland, VA 23005-5505
804.412.2025 (office)
804.564.9860 (cell)