Professional Activity

Refereed Professional Presentations

Peacock, A.R. (2018). A Liberal Arts Makeover for a Teaching Methods Course: Did it Work? Accepted and scheduled to present at the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE). Baltimore, MD.

Peacock, A.R. (2018). Developing Collaborative Skills in Preservice Teachers: Exploring Strategies, Resistance, and Success Stories. Accepted and scheduled to present at the Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA). Clearwater, FL.

Peacock, A.R. (2017, November). Launching a Collaborative Eportfolio to Make Meaning, Teach Teamwork, and Meet Mandates. Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL). Charlottesville, VA.

Peacock, A.R. (2017, March). Creatively Using Field Experiences, Fiction, and Essential Questions to Develop Pedagogical Tact and Professional Discernment in Preservice Teachers. Poster presentation at the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE). Tampa, FL.

Peacock, A.R. (2017, March). Using Fiction, Fieldwork, and Essential Questions to Develop Pedagogical Tact in Preservice Teachers. Virginia Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Williamsburg, VA.

Peacock, A.R. (2017, February).  Exploring Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the Evaluation of Early Fieldwork Experiences in an Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program, Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA). Richmond, VA.

Peacock, A.R. (2016, November) Jar Discussions: An Adaptable Instructional Strategy to Facilitate Student Learning, Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Virginia Council for Exceptional Children, Richmond, VA.

 Peacock, A.R. (2016, February). Soliciting Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Fieldwork Evaluation Practices to Improve Preservice Teachers’ Learning Outcomes and Meet Evidence Mandates, Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE). Las Vegas, NV.

Peacock, A.R., (2015, April). Collaborating with stakeholders to improve early field experiences in teacher preparation. Virginia Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE-VA) and Virginia Association of Teacher Educators (VATE). Salem, VA.

Peacock, A.R., (2013, March). Does the form work? A preservice teacher’s and mentoring teacher’s interpretation of evaluation. Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC). Richmond, VA.

Non-refereed/Invited Presentations

Peacock, A.R., (2015, August). Strengthening our core. Rural Point Elementary. Mechanicsville, VA.

Peacock, A.R. (2015, June). Teaching: A Marathon and a Sprint. Washington & Henry Masonic Lodge Teacher-of-the-Year Award Ceremony. Mechanicsville, VA.

Peacock, A.R., (2014, January). Critiquing education using the feelings, facts, and action protocol. Presented to EDUC 202: Critiquing Public Education. Randolph-Macon College, January 8, 2014.

Peacock, A.R., (2013, February). Developing a reflective pedagogy: Assess, engage, inquire, observe, utilize. Presented to EDUC 355: Principles and Methods in Secondary Education. Randolph-Macon College, February 12, 2013.

Refereed Professional Publications

Peacock, A.R. (in press). Jar discussions: An adaptable instructional strategy to facilitate students’ explanations, Research to Practice: K-12 Scholarship Journal.

General Publications

Peacock, A.R., (2012). You get what you pay for. ParentLife, 19(4), 24.

Peacock, A.R., (2012). Solving the allowance dilemma. ParentLife, 19(1), 44.

Peacock, A.R., (2011). Parenting perks guaranteed to make you smile. ParentLife, 18(3), 24.

Peacock, A.R., (2011). Save, stretch, & splurge. ParentLife, 18(1), 10.

Peacock, A.R., (2011). Safe swimming: Water safety basics. ParentLife, 17(12), 42.

Peacock, A.R., (2011). The right fit: Picking a preschool. ParentLife, 17(8), 12-13.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Good money cents: Four money lessons for your preschooler. ParentLife, 17(6), 12-13.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Groups gone wrong: Dealing with grade-school cliques. ParentLife, 17(3), 14-15.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Moving up to the middle: Transitioning to middle school. ParentLife, 17(2), 16-17.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Toilet-training trends: Answers to your toilet-training questions. ParentLife, 16(11), 10-11.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Money matters: The four basics of money management. ParentLife, 16(9), 14-15.

Peacock, A.R., (2010). Dating in. ParentLife, 16(8), 32.

Peacock, A.R., (2009). Where will baby go? ParentLife, 16(3), 8-9.

Peacock, A.R., (2009). A to-do list for baby: Enjoying the developmental milestones during baby’s first year. ParentLife, (16)1, 8-9.

Peacock, A.R., (2009). Please pass the patience. HomeLife, 63(8), 12-14.

Peacock, A.R., (2009). Sleep solutions: Solve top nighttime issues. ParentLife, 15(11), 12-14.

Peacock, A.R. (2009). Growing body and brain: Celebrate each of your child’s developmental milestones. ParentLife, 15(8), 10-11.

Peacock, A.R. (2008). When less is more: Downsize stuff and upsize time together. ParentLife, 15(3), 12-13.

Peacock, A.R. (2008). Rx: A prescription for meeting children’s healthcare needs at church. Special Education Today, 13(4), 22-23.

Peacock, A.R. (2007). Sleep matters: What you need to know about sleep problems in individuals with developmental disabilities. Special Education Today, 13(2), 32-33.

Peacock, A.R. (2007). Gran’s greatest gift. Mature Living, 31(12), 46-47.

Peacock, A.R. (2007). What every child needs (and how to meet those needs at church). Special Education Today, 12(4), 12-13.

Peacock, A.R. (2006). Dynamic discipline: 10 secrets of positive parenting. Special Education Today, 12(2), 14-15.

Peacock, A.R. (2006). Trick or treat: Motivators that get kids to do what you want. Special Education Today, 12(1), 20-21.

Peacock, A.R. (2006). As easy as ABC: Tips for working with preschoolers who have special needs. Special Education Today, 11(3), 18-19.

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